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Radiculopatía Cervical 16630
Anatomía de la Espina 13606
Enfermedad Degenerativa de Disco 13763
Síndrome de Articulación Facetaria (Artritis) 19853
Discos Herniados 14930
Kiposis 15466
Radiculopatía Lumbar (Ciática) 19860
Cáncer Metastásico 14058
Escoliosis 14045
Infecciones Espinales 13239
Estenosis Espinal 13172
Espondilolistesis 12912
Donde Comienza el Dolor de Espalda 12256
Whiplash Headache 12441
Whiplash (CAD Syndrome) 14690
Post Laminectomy Syndrome 14110
Phantom Limb Pain 16283
Peripheral Neuralgia 13139
Myofascial Pain Syndrome 14633
Migraine Headaches 12455
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2016 Top Pain Management Physician Award

Bergen Pain Management voted one of the best rehabilitation, medical care and pain management providers to New Jersey's legal community for 2016 by New Jersey Law Journal.

Member of the Royal Society of Medicine in London, United Kingdom

St. Jude Medical Consultant

Participant of St. Jude Medical Neuromodulation Strategic Physicians Counsel: Elite group of 15 physicians in the country to discuss upcoming products, market trends, and personal Spinal Cord Stimulation experiences.

Dr. Ragukonis appointed Neuromodulation Consultant for Boston Scientific - Nov. 2009


2016 Top Pain Management Physician Award

The Leading Physicians of the World recognizes Thomas P. Ragukonis, MD as a Top Pain Management Physician in Paramus, New Jersey in 2016

Dr. Thomas P. Ragukonis is Recipient of Castle Connolly’s NJ and NY Metro Area TOP DOCTOR'S 2009-2015.

Thomas Ragukonis, MD is a member of the American Academy of Pain Medicine (AAPM) in good standing who has been certified by the American Board of Pain Medicine (ABPM). Therefore, this physician may be properly designated as an ALGIATRIST™ Member of AAPM.