Cervical Whiplash

Cervical Whiplash

What is Cervical Whiplash?

Whiplash occurs when the neck and head are suddenly forced backward and then forward, putting the cervical spine through lightning-quick motions and extreme stresses. Most cases of whiplash are caused by car accidents where the person has been rear-ended. Whiplash is medically known as cervical acceleration-deceleration (CAD) syndrome.

Signs and Symptoms

Common symptoms of cervical whiplash include neck pain, neck stiffness, headaches, neck instability, shoulder and upper back pain, tingling, weakness, and numbness.

Treatment Options

For most people, whiplash results in mild ligament sprains and/or muscle strains that heal within a few days or weeks. However, sometimes whiplash symptoms can last months or longer. The long-term prognosis for whiplash patients can vary widely and usually correlates to the severity of initial symptoms.

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