Car Accidents

Treatment For Pain After Car Accidents In New Jersey

Vehicle-related injuries are common, but they aren’t always easy to resolve. If you have recently been involved in a collision, Bergen Pain Management can help. We serve Bergen, Hudson, Union, Morris, Essex, and Passaic Counties in New Jersey with high-quality care that eliminates pain and restores function. With skilled treatment from Dr. Thomas Ragukonis, you can get back on your feet without surgery or other invasive treatments.

Treating Neck And Back Pain After Car Accidents

We rely on vehicles for work and play, but car accidents are among the most common causes of injury today. While manufacturers constantly improve the safety of their vehicles, even minor accidents can cause significant injuries. When they do, patients often experience neck, back, shoulder, and knee pain, as well as mobility limitations and more.

If you’ve recently been involved in a collision, there’s a good chance you sustained at least minor injuries. Whether you’re experiencing discomfort or not, seeing a skilled doctor can help identify issues and prevent more serious complications. At Bergen Pain Management, Dr. Thomas Ragukonis, a Board-Certified physician, works with individuals hurt in car accidents every day. With advanced, minimally invasive treatments, he helps them find the relief they deserve without invasive surgeries and long recovery times.

Conditions We Treat

Back and neck pain after an accident should never be ignored. For those experiencing discomfort after a collision, a consultation with Bergen Pain Management can provide clarity and the first steps toward recovery. We treat a wide range of conditions related to car accidents, including:

  • Whiplash: This common, vehicle-related injury occurs when the neck is forced through lightning-quick directional changes. Symptoms can last for months and vary in intensity, so treatment is different in every case.
  • BulgingHerniated, or Slipped Discs: Severe whiplash may cause serious issues with spinal discs, causing them to bulge, slip out of place, or even leak. A damaged disc puts pressure on nearby nerves, and proper care is needed to address the resulting discomfort.
  • Cervical SprainWhiplash may also tear the tendons and ligaments that support your neck. Called a sprain, this condition is painful but treatable through our nonsurgical techniques.
  • Carpal Tunnel Syndrome: Carpal tunnel syndrome occurs when a passage in the wrist becomes too narrow, pinching the nerves that pass through. Tingling, weakness, and a numb feeling are common symptoms.
  • Pinched Nerves: Sudden injuries may force important nerve bundles out of place, causing compression. Pinched nerves affect many areas of the body and can also cause weakness or numbness.
  • Shoulder Injuries: If you braced yourself against the door or steering wheel during a forceful stop, you might walk away with a shoulder injury. Common forms include impingement and rotator cuff tears.
  • Knee Injuries: Sudden turns or stops during a car accident often put stress on joints. This blunt force, strain, or twisting can lead to serious knee injuries, including a torn meniscus, medial collateral ligament (MCL), or anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) tear.

Choose Bergen Pain Management For Car Accident Care

Whether you’re currently experiencing pain after a car accident or concerned about unseen physical trauma, schedule an appointment with Bergen Pain Management today. Dr. Ragukonis will perform a comprehensive examination to determine the source of your pain and explain the best minimally invasive methods to provide relief. To learn more, contact us today and schedule an appointment at one of our locations in Paramus, West New York, or Union, NJ.

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