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A close-up of someone receiving an ultrasound-guided platelet-rich plasma therapy injection as part of their tendonitis pain treatment.

Tendonitis Pain Treatment

Tender on Tendonitis: A Comprehensive Guide to Tendonitis Pain Treatment Tendonitis pain treatment might sound like a foreign subject. So,

Bergen Pain Management offers breakthrough approach to pain management

There’s new hope for those suffering from chronic back pain in the form of spinal cord stimulation, a safe, proven and minimally-invasive approach to treating chronic back or neck pain that’s helping to significantly improve quality of life for so many individuals with few other treatment options.

Vertiflex procedure helps alleviate the pain of lumbar spinal stenosis

Vertiflex is a clinically proven, FDA-approved alternative to major surgery that’s delivering long-term relief from leg and back pain and redefining how doctors treat lumbar spinal stenosis.

Find minimally invasive pain relief in a safe environment at Bergen Pain Management

When an individual is experiencing consistent pain, the most common response is to visit a doctor or to self-medicate with over-the-counter pain medication. However, with chronic pain, over-the-counter pain medications only provide temporary relief, and many people don’t want to rely on heavily prescribed medications, such as narcotics or opioids, indefinitely.

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