COVID-19 Medical Care

Dear patients,

Please rest assured,  We are here for you!  Caring for you! Open!

We are all concerned about the historically unprecedented COVID-19 crisis and are fully endorsing ‘social distancing’ and in full support of Governor Murphy’s Executive Order 109.  However, we are also VERY sensitive to the fact that acute pain is often an indication of a MEDICAL EMERGENCY, or a sentinel for permanent medical complications and conditions.  Consistent with that awareness, we will remain open to address all of your acute pain concerns and emergencies.  We must. We have a responsibility to you. We will not let you down.

After all, the last thing we as a society want is for our patients in severe pain to further strain the already overworked and overwhelmed emergency rooms. Not only would that put further stress on the ER system and compromise care of COVID-19 sufferers but it would potentially expose you to the virus.

When you visit our facility we will be observing ‘social distancing’ and have precautionary measures in place to minimize communicable infections.  We ask you to delay your visit if you feel you can do so safely and without adverse effect to your health.

Together, as Americans,  We will get through this! 


Thomas P. Ragukonis MD
Medical Director
Bergen Pain Management
Medical Director New Century Spine and Outpatient Surgical Institute

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