Shoulder Tendinitis

Shoulder Tendinitis

What is Shoulder Tendinitis?

Shoulder tendonitis (or tendinitis) is an inflammation injury to the tendons of your shoulder’s rotator cuff. Because inflammation is not always present in injuries to the shoulder tendons, this group of injuries is medically known as a rotator cuff tendinopathy or tendinopathies.

Signs and Symptoms

Shoulder tendonitis commonly has the following symptoms, shoulder clicking and/or an arc of shoulder pain when your arm is about shoulder height, pain when lying on the sore shoulder or lifting with a straight arm, shoulder pain or clicking when moving your hand behind your back or head, shoulder and upper arm pain (potentially as far as your elbow).

Treatment Options

Common treatments for shoulder tendinitis include avoiding activities that cause pain, applying cold packs, anti-inflammatory drugs, and physical therapy.

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